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Cole’s Art Gallery has striking and original Cuban art pieces for sale, all at negotiable prices. Some oil, some acrylic, some a mixture of both. There is also a range of exclusively commissioned art pieces by a range of talented British artists. These are also in oil, acrylic, and charcoal.


Cole’s Art Gallery carries out commissioned work to your desired specifications with updates for peace of mind if required. The work is also carried out within a reasonable timeframe by one of our many talented artists.


In addition to our involvement in art we also stock memorabilia, rare vinyl records, books, sneakers, microphones, & photography. In addition to surprisingly random items. We have picked the location we are at for a reason. To reach a wider range and more diverse group of people. To do something in a way it has not been done before. To include and not exclude. Moving forward, Cole’s will become an agency representing specific artists helping to bring a new clientele to new incredible artists.

 Cole's Art Gallery is on the move! 

Tel +44 7985 112190 

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