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Cole's Art Gallery


We are currently adding new work and features to our site, including paintings from emergent and mid-career artists. Please join our mailing list, connect on Instagram or revisit this page for updates.

Our selection of original works includes paintings, drawings, and jewellery from several artists, who are also available for commissions. As part of our service, we provide design solutions to meet and surpass our client's aspirations. Cole's artists have worked on a multitude of art and design-related projects, ranging from portraiture and designing bespoke murals, to book illustrations and album covers. Please contact us with your requirements. 

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Shaun Mitchell


A wizard with pencil and charcoal. Shaun captures striking images and creates animated images of a high standard. A natural and gifted young talent, he's one to look out for.

Shaun remembers drawing throughout his early childhood when his passion for anime and manga fuelled his enjoyment in picking up a pencil at every opportunity.  As a self-taught artist, he believes more time given to his artistry will result in greater rewards.

As he continues his creative journey, Shaun is discovering his strengths and weaknesses.  As an individual propelled by his creativity,  he believes that every artist's goal isn't to live forever but to create works of art that will.

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Natasha Cole

Natasha Cole creates an exclusive resin collection of coasters, jewellery, and other accessories. Each crafted by hand and specifically made-to-order items for theatre shows, weddings, birthday parties, and special occasions are all within the range. Made with the finest quality resin, using creative ideas. No items are mass-produced, giving each item its own individuality.


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David Emmanuel Noel

David is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and curator. He has worked closely with institutes, professional bodies, and agencies such as the Royal Institute of British Architects, New York Mayor's Office, CAMBA- the New York-based agency, the NSPCC, and several London Boroughs on projects supporting the environmental and therapeutic benefits of the arts.

David is a co-founder and director of the award-winning Occhi Arts & Entertainment Ltd/ LLC, a New York and London-based consultancy providing strategic business, communications, and PR support to artists and creative businesses. He has over 20 years of experience exhibiting at several venues including the Kennedy Center Washington DC, Bernie Grant Arts Centre London, the Landmark Arts Building New York, and Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City, California.





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