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After the long-awaited and anticipated release of the sequel Black Panther, Marvel finally unveiled Wakanda Forever to the world on 11 November 2022. The film is directed by Ryan Coogler, who co-wrote the script alongside Joe Robert Cole. There were many challenges and obstacles Marvel faced, having to deal with the unfortunate passing of Chadwick Boseman who played the Character of T'Challa. These are not excuses. Truth be told that this is the actual and factual position they found themselves in.

Some may not understand the complication here, but it might be an idea to remind fans of the first Black Panther movie that Chadwick had also graced the screen on even more successful Marvel movies such as Infinity War which grossed in excess of $2 Billion Dollars & Endgame which grossed $2.7 Billion including Civil War which grossed $1.1 Billion Dollars (a little less than Black Panther). Chadwick's appearance in Black Panther grossed  $1.3 Billion at the box office. So here is the question. How do you address the appearances and footprints T'Challa has made in the other 3 movies without having to face various criticisms? Especially with Billions of fans, not to mention the ones who streamed the movie or made DVD or Blu Ray purchases who didn't visit the cinema. There is also an emotional linear thread that runs through this, especially with the circumstances surrounding the passing of the Late Chadwick Boseman.

The most obvious question was who is going to fill the shoes of the Iconic Character? With all the numerous spoilers in circulation, we know the answer to this question. But that answer does not appear to be definitive of future storylines moving forward. Wakanda has lost T'Challa. Therefore the instability of Wakanda as a Kingdom is more evident than ever.

Angela Bassett maintains her quality acting status as usual. Letitia Wright had great shoes to fill and maintained her status as Shuri and even more.  Namor played by Tenoch Huerta was a healthy choice, but it would've been nice to see more creative special and visual effects as a whole. The Character of Nakia was missing the sensual sexy undertone she had in the first movie, which clearly makes sense based on the demise of T'Challa. Winston Duke delivered his witty humor and probably got the most chuckles from the audience.

Okoye played by Danai Gurira showed much dedication and commitment in her loyalty to Wakanda. Everett Ross played by Martin Freeman has proved to be a worthy ally in the midst of much betrayal. There are a few questionable moments in Wakanda Forever, but in all fairness, there is questionability in everything and therefore one shouldn't really seek answers that may very well be addressed as the story is ongoing.

The newcomers Ironheart played by Dominique Thorne and Aneka played by Michaela Coel helped pull the plot together, but for quite a lengthy movie, it seems not many had as much screen time as you would expect. But that can be explained by a large number of cast members. At a budget of $250 million and $675 million gross 2.5 weeks, after its release, it's fair to say Marvel, Ryan Coogler and his team have done a decent job. As an extremely great lover of film, I am always of the view that we proceed with caution when being opinionated on the creative process of motion pictures as you sometimes have to go to hell and back numerous times to get any kind of results.
This review is unlike many you may read as my approach and perspective are from a totally different angle. Check out the movie, currently on general release at cinema near you!


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